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House MD Summary

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House MD is one of those great shows you can catch on TV late at night, and you expect it to be on when nothing else is. It is packed full of humor that almost anyone can relate to, and includes problems that real people can actually understand. Rather than watching some crazy soap opera with twisted story lines, House MD brings out the humor in everyday live even just by sitting in a coffee shop and chatting with friends.
If you love shows with unpredictable endings and amazing actors, House M.D. really is the show to watch. It is packed full of drama and surprise endings in each episode, and each character brings something special to the series. I love watching House M.D each week to see the wittiness and sarcasm that Dr. House has, and I love seeing how his staff gets tricked into playing a game to figure out what is wrong with each patient. I also love how education the show can be, since it portrays characters with rare diseases that are hard to diagnose.

House M.D. takes place at Princeton-Plainsboro hospital in New Jersey, and revolves mainly around Dr. House and his team of diagnosticians. They tend to patients with hard to diagnose diseases, and try to figure out how to cure them of illnesses that can be deadly. A story line involving characters from other departments is also included in the show, including members of House’s old team, his best friend from the oncology department, and the hospital administrator whom House once had a fling with. House M.D. has been on for a total of four seasons so far, and was created by David shore in 2004.

Dr. House is the main character of the show, and is played by Hugh Laurie. He is a very sarcastic doctor who loves to play games with his staff, but he makes up for his bad attitude with his extensive knowledge of infectious diseases. His best friend, James Wilson, is the head of the oncology department and played by Robert Sean Leonard. Although they are two completely different people, House and Dr. Wilson have a great friendship that could never be spoiled by House’s sarcastic attitude. Dr. Lisa Cuddy, played by Lisa Edelstein, is the Chief hospital administrator and Dean of Medicine. Although she is easily annoyed by House on a regular basis, she is always willing to have his back because of his strong knowledge of the medical field. Eric Foreman, played by Omar Epps, is the only member of houses team that has been there from the beginning, although he did resign but was rehired by Dr. Cuddy to remain a member of the team. House’s old team members are still employees within the hospital, and sometimes find themselves stuck in the middle of one of House’s mind games.

House has been nominated for and won several respectable awards since its first episode, including two golden globes and Emmy awards. It is currently the most watched scripted drama on the Fox television network, and attracted over 29 million viewers for the episode that premiered after Super Bowl XLII. It is ranked one of the top primetime television shows currently running, and has received great reviews from some of the best television critics. Entertainment weekly says “We got more than we could have hoped for from this cold but sturdy House” and “Dr. House hit his stride this season.” Not only has House M.D. impressed viewers each week with new storylines and unpredictable endings, but has also impressed critics with both new episodes and season DVD releases.

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